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The Pick-Up-And-Go anywhere, anytime outdoor kitchen


Looking for the most portable, versatile bbq on the market? The Safari Chef will meet your every need!

  • Offers 5 cooking surfaces
  • Camp Oven: creates a mini oven by using the lid and BBQ together, can easily do 2kg Roasts
  • BBQ: Fat free cooking, flamed grill taste
  • 2 Non-stick grills - Flat & Ribbed: great for eggs, pancakes, meat, fish.......easy to clean
  • Wok/Lid: great for boiling water, stirfries and soups.
  • Stove: boil a kettle use a pan....
  • The Safari chef weighs only 5kg, 
  • Can be used with a 10mm threaded cartridge 
  • The Safari Chef is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or caravaning and sports events
  • Excludes cartridge, available at mitre 10 and camping stores
  • Includes carry bag 

For roasting in the Safari Chef simply place roast into a aluminum foil tray or roast dish, set the the Safari Chef up with bbq top and drip pan. Place lid on top and set bbq to medium to high heat. 

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