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Surface Protect provides a range of DIY products for the cleaning, care and protection of your household surfaces including glass, showers, baths and other bathroom fixtures, cookware and outdoor surfaces.

  • Tired of hard water marks or stains on your glass, tiles or acrylic? Our Hard Water Stain Remover for bathroom surfaces ie baths, showers, toilets, handbasins and taps –  is a guaranteed solution to remove hard water stains, minerals, soap scum and limescale. 

  • Simple, affordable and effective Protection for easy cleaning of showers, glass, acrylic, tiles and chrome 
  • Bath worn out or just looking tired? Check out our range of DIY Resurfacing and Repair options for Bathroom Fixtures including baths, showers, vanities, and tiles.

Our products ensure the surfaces of your home remain clean, durable, and looking great for years to come.

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