Is your bath worn out, in need of a colour change or just looking tired?

See our range of Bath and Tile Resurfacing and Repair options for Bathroom Fixtures including baths, showers, vanities, and tiles.


Other Products:

Shower door seals

  • Do your door seals need replacing due to them being discoloured, broken or looking tired? We have a range of seals for most showers.

Replacement silicone pot lids

  • Tired of mess in your kitchen from pots boiling over or frypans splattering? We have the answer with the use of our silicone lids.

Our products ensure the surfaces of your home remain clean, durable, and looking great for years to come.

Bath Resurfacing and chip repairs - Surface Protect

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Bath & Tile Resurfacing

Shower door seals - Surface Protect

Shower Door Seals

Silicone Pot Lid to stop pots boiling over - Surface Protect

Silicone Lids - Anti Spill


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