DIY Showerdome for curved showers – Fieldays Special


Fieldays Specials and the chance to win the price of the Showerdome Back!

The original Showerdome Shower Top!

Please enter the size of the Showerdome Shower top you want or your shower measurements in the order comments section on the payment page. Details below.

Showerdome shower top for curved showers – Fieldays Special

Order to get the Special and WIN the price of the Showerdome back. Conditions apply- see below for details.

Will you eliminate steam/condensation in your bathroom this winter.

DIY Showerdome shower top includes:

  • 1 x Showerdome shower top with protective film
  • 2 x Installation support rails
  • 1 x DIY instructions
  • Free delivery to your door throughout NZ

The Showerdome comes oversized so you can trim it down to fit your shower perfectly. You attach the installation support rails with silicone onto the two back walls in line with the frame of the shower for the Showerdome to sit on.

There are 2 sizes for a curved shower:

  • C700S – comes 1mx1m with a 700mm curved dome (for showers with back wall measurements between – 760mm to 900mm).
  • C800L – comes 1.2mx1.2m with a 815mm curved dome (for showers with back wall measurements between – 900mm to 1200mm).
  • The height of both domes are 150mm at the centre.

What is the correct dome for your curved shower?

To get the correct dome for your shower grab a tape measure:

  • Stand inside the shower cubicle.
  • Place you tape measure in the middle back corner.*
  • Measure from the corner to the inside of the framework on each side (A & B on the diagram below).

Shower dome for curved showers

You can just let us know these two measurements and we can select the best Showerdome for you or check out the fitting guide below.

Fitting Guide

C7oos – for showers with back wall measurements between – 760mm to 900mm

C800L – for showers with back wall measurements between – 900mm to 1200mm

If outside these measurements then let us know and we can find a solution.

Other things to let us know:

  • If it has a cut across on the back corner of the shower for a shelf (To get the dome to fit on the inside we will need to go for a smaller size).

Comes with a lifetime guarantee to remain crystal clear.

Shower dome DIY Instructions

If you prefer professional installation of your Showerdome, contact Showerdome Waikato – or email

T&Cs for the chance to win the price of your Showerdome back.

Surface Protect is selling on behalf of Showerdome Waikato. Order your Showerdome from Surface Protect/Showerdome Waikato between 29th May 2024 and 16th of June 2024 for your chance to win the Fieldays Special price of the Showerdome itself back ($319incl GST). To be eligible the Showerdome must be purchased directly from Surface Protect/Showerdome Waikato. The winner will be randomly selected by Showerdome Waikato after the 16th of June 2024. The prize is a refund or credit up to the value of $319. If the winner has paid for their Showerdome they will be refunded the prize value. If the winner has booked a supply and installation of a Showerdome and not paid the amount will be credited the prize value on the invoice.  Trade and retail customers not eligible for the draw.


How the Showerdome Shower top works

A Showerdome puts a barrier between the warm air inside your shower and the colder air outside of your shower, preventing steam from forming.

Benefits of the Showerdome shower top

  • Prevent steam forming in your bathroom
  • Prevent mould and mildew
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve air quality
  • Warm and cosy shower
  • Reduce energy costs

How to install a Showerdome shower top DIY

We provide full DIY instructions with each Showerdome.

Each Showerdome comes oversized and you cut the Showerdome to fit the exact size and shape of your shower. The Showerdome is fitted to your shower using the installation support rails provided.

DIY installation involves:

  • Attaching installation support rails to the walls of your shower using silicone.
  • Measuring then trimming the Showerdome to fit the size of your shower.
  • Sliding the Showerdome into the installation support rails.
  • Fixing the Showerdome to the frame of your shower with screws.
  • Enjoying your lovely warm shower.

Check out the full instructions here: Shower dome DIY Instructions

To fill any gaps around your shower door, you can purchase one of our shower door seals.

If you would prefer a professional installation in Waikato, Coromandel, King Country, Franklin districts, contact Showerdome Waikato

The Showerdome is very easy to keep clean.

  • On top the Showerdome does get a bit of dust settling on top, this can be cleaned with a long handled feather duster annually or as required.  If your Showerdome is removable it can be easily take down to clean.
  • Underneath doesn’t require much at all as not much dirt or water staining gets up there, a micro-fibre cloth quick wipe is all that is required now and then.

Tip: If you would like to use a product on the Showerdome then we recommend Pledge. This not only cleans the Showerdome but puts an anti static layer over the dome to not attract dust. We use this when professional installing the Showerdome.

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