Enduroshield Glass Specifications

Enduroshield Glass Specifications


Applied permanent protective coating for glass and other vitreous surfaces
to reduce maintenance and cleaning and eliminate environmental etching.


EnduroShield for Glass uses advanced nano technology to give an invisible
protective shield that chemically reacts with the glass to produce a
permanent bond.
The hydrophobic and oleophobic nature of the EnduroShield coating repels
both water and oil containing grime making cleaning easier and less regular.
EnduroShield unlike straight silicone coatings protects against both oil and
water based contaminants not just water based.



3.1 Permanency
Chemically reacts with glass to produce a permanent bond.

3.2 Product Function
Applied permanent protective coating for glass and other vitreous surfaces to reduce maintenance and cleaning and eliminate environmental etching.

3.3 Product Attributes

  • Works on new or existing glass
  • Once only application: permanently bonds to the glass
  • Protects against corrosion and etching from contaminants including sea salts and pollution.
  • Protects against cement slurry during the building process
  • Surface is much easier to clean.
  • Coating is UV stable.
  • Normal rainfall will reduce the need to clean.
  • Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • Australian Made Product.

3.4 Weather and UV
EnduroShield for Glass has now been exposed to UV testing for approximately 10,000 hours with minimal or no change to its properties. In order to accelerate testing the panels are places facing due north at an angle of 45o. EnduroShield has lost none of its properties after 24 months of exterior exposure.

3.5 Adhesion to Substrate
EnduroShield is not a traditional coating that sits on the glass, but chemically bonds, becoming a permanent extension to the surface.


4.1 Application Method
Can be applied DIY or by trained, approved and certified applicator.

4.2 Rate of Application
Minimum 16ml per/m2

4.3 Applied Thickness
Less than 1 micron

4.4 Approved Application
Product must be applied by an applicator trained, approved and certified by PCT Global Pty Ltd.


5.1 Warranty
10 years when applied to new glass by Approved Applicator in accordance with Manufacturers instructions and recommendations.


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